It wasn't until looking through 10 years of photographs that I realised that having an idea and putting it into practice are two entirely different things.
I took as my starting point that well worn phrase "a picture says a thousand words" and then went searching.
After an hour of pressing buttons and staring at the screen I had dropped the thousand down to a couple of hundred and was still finding the task difficult.
There were plenty of 'family and friend' picutures that would fill the criteria for family and friends, but would say little to the outsider.
However I did find a few that would engage the observer, like the one below.

The Artisan

I recon this picture goes well towards the thousand word criteria.

As the presenter of the photograph I want you to be able to take you own story away, but here, to help, is mine.

The girl and her partner (standing behind her) run a smallholding like many people in the Tricasan area of southern France.
They may well have escaped to the country from one of the larger towns such as Marseille - her clothes fit the bill.
Her partner is looking on and thinking something along the lines of, "I wouldn't have said that", but she is intent on her task and luckily for him doesn't see the gesture.
She is clearly determined to sell her produce well aware that while it may only be a few euros to the buyer to her it will provide an important income thus allowing her, and her partner, to maintain their life style.

The girl in the black top is more or less hooked.
She is looking somewhere between the produce and her partner.
Her companion is probably a man - it is a man's bag on his shoulder - and if he is anything like me he's probably thinking, "it's nowt to do with me", but in French, obviously.
She is probably thinking that he is thinking, "you can get it for half that price in the supermarket", but what does he know about the taste of good honey.

Will the girl sell her honey?
Will she sell any more of her jams and chutneys?
Will the couple make a go of their escape to the country and will they be back at this market next year?
I wonder.

So far so good.
It clearly can be done.
I've got more pictures that communicate, however what was surprising was ....