There were two things that surprised me.
The first concerned people and the second concerned the camera.

I could not seem to get involved with a picture unless an essential part of the picture was a person or some people.
Furthermore those people had to be involved in the story of the picture.

To wait or not to wait - or - the end of a sunny day - or - weather forcasters!

It also became clear as I looked at the pictures that if I wanted you to get my story then the picture needed a 'directing' title.

I'd chose "Weather Forcasters!" myself since I hope it would lead onto the fact that we had been promised a good sunny day and that this downpore had happened less than a mile away from the end of our planned walk.

There are plenty of clues in the picture - shorts, lack of wet wether gear, body language, coming into a 'built up' area, and so on - just as there were with the "artisan" on the previous page

However this is not the case with the photo below.

Sunrise on Treasure Cay

I chose this title to get you thinking before you even looked at the picture.
I could have chosen "Bahama's Sunrise", but I felt that would have been an invitation to glance and move on.

The story I hope you will draw from this picture is how awsome what was happening was when it dragged a 20 something lad from his bed at 6.30 in the morning to just wander along the beach take it all in.

Here, my expectation is that the facts that he is looking into the sunrise starts a visual story and his walking along the edge of the water starts a tactile one.
Then your mind can wander.

I hope these pictures have proved that photographs can be more than just well executed and artistic representations.
I've got one to show you that doesn't involved people and then I'll cover my second surprise.